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Ultimate Mother's Day Gift Idea

Ultimate Mother's Day Gift Idea

For many of us our Mum's are the most inspirational person in our lives and traditionally we celebrate Mums, Grandmothers and Stepmums with flowers, breakfast in bed, gifts and cards.

This is a day to reflect on how much they actually have done or still do for us every day and we really want to show how much appreciate them.

This year you can make her feel really special, and here's how...

Flowers are of course the perfect gift to show her you love her and make her feel special.

But this year don’t opt for a standard bunch. Really wow your beloved mum or special lady in your life with a unique and quirky limited-edition bouquet.

And what if the blooms just kept on coming, weeks after Mother’s Day has passed?

Thanks to 89 Petals' floral gift subscriptions, you can do just that. 

Gift your mum 3 bouquets for a steady stream of petals, which will arrive at her door every fortnight. She will be gifted a new surprise bouquet as our arrangements are designed every two weeks.

Every bouquet is created by our in-house designer, Megan, who’s style is quirky and loose to create eye-catching bouquets that you can't buy anywhere else. We pride ourselves on using flowers straight from the farm to deliver long-lasting, quality fresh petals. Each bouquet is lovingly prepared by hand.

So put the supermarket bunch down and simply jump online to and have three bouquets delivered straight to your mum’s door.

Or if you do just want to buy her one bouquet for the special day, then choose from one of our gorgeous stunning designs here.




What's in a vase?

What's in a vase?

What’s in a vase?

A lot, as it happens…

Choosing the perfect vessel for your bouquets is more important than many of us realise. Flower extraordinaire and in-house designer at 89 Petals, Megan helps you find the ideal vase to display your blooms in all their beautiful floral glory…

Here at 89 Petals we like a vase which is wider at the top and bottom, and slightly narrower in the middle. 

This gives your arrangement support, but the wide neck allows the stems to flare for maximum impact. It's ideal for all flower types and designs, so definitely one worth having. 

    89 Petals top tips

    1. Choose a clear glass vase over ceramic ones, so you can monitor the water and see when your petals require a fresh dose of water. It also allows the stems to become part of the floral design.
    2. Ideally your vase should be a third of the length of the stem, otherwise the arrangement is top heavy and could topple over.  
    3. Fill the vase half full with water, and ensure there are no leaves and foliage beneath the water line. Most flowers are very thirsty and need nice deep water, especially petals like roses and hydrangeas.
    4. Some flowers last longer than others, so keep your bouquet looking beautiful for longer, pull out the bits which are dying off, and pinch out wilting buddy bits. 

    SOS Stem Care

    SOS Stem Care

    7 steps to perfectly pert petals

    So your flower delivery has arrived and your home is full of beautiful petals. But how do you give them the VIP (that’s Very Important Petals) treatment and ensure they last as long as possible? Megan, our floral extraordinaire here at 89 Petals, gives her top tips to help your delicate blooms stay blooming...

    Begin with an immaculately clean vase to help give your flowers the best chance possible. Run your vase through the dishwasher or clean with a small amount of bleach to ensure there’s no dust looming from the cupboard or any bacteria residue from its last use. (We’re hoping that’s not too long ago!)

    Remove any leaves from the stems that will sit under the waterline, so you only have clear stems standing in the water. Keep any leaves further up the stem as this helps them drink up their beloved water.

    Remove two inches from each stem, cutting at a sharp angle to give a larger surface area for maximum thirst-quenching opportunity. Never bash your stems, because despite common belief, this does not help water absorption – quite the opposite in fact as you’re simply damaging the flower. And always ensure scissors are sharp.

    Fresh, clean water is flowers’ equivalent of Veuve Clicquot (but without the price tag!). They love and need nothing more to flourish before your eyes. Don’t get ideas about sugar, lemonade, Aspirin and copper coins – it’s all hogwash. Simply add a sachet of flower food, and remember to change the water every two days so they have a fresh tipple and remove any life-shortening bacteria building up.

    Place your petals out of direct sunlight and away from anything hot, like radiators and ovens. A cool room is best as this will help your bouquets last longer, however not in a cool draft. Warm environments will speed up the buds’ opening and cause them to wither and wilt. And that, our friends, is a crying shame.

    Change the water every two days and remove any foliage and buds that are wilting and looking a bit old and tired. These two simple tips will help your petals look their best and last their longest.

    Never run out
    Of course, eventually your flowers will fade, but now you can make sure you never run out of blooms in your home with our online flower subscription. Send designer bouquets to yourself every fortnight or every month for a touch of happiness here. Quite simply, because you deserve it. 

    And that’s it. Simple and free. It seems our VIPs are actually not as high maintenance as we think!

    11 Flower Myths Busted

    11 Flower Myths Busted

    We separate fact from fiction when caring for your petals

    We’ve all heard quirky ideas and old wives’ tales of how we should care for our flowers once we get them home. But is there any truth to them? From sunlight to sugar, our in-house flower know-it-all Megan exposes some of the biggest myths (and several truths), so you don’t unknowingly kill your bouquets…

    Add sugar: MYTH

    You really don’t need to add sugar to your petals. It isn’t a food and only creates bacteria, which will shorten the life of your flowers.

    Add lemonade: MYTH

    Again, lemonade is filled with sugar, so will just create the same life-shortening bacteria.

    Add bleach: MYTH

    Bleach damages stems, and if you do use any, you only need a drop. Most people will add too much, so you’re best steering clear of it altogether.

    Add Alka-Seltzer/Aspirin: MYTH

    Quite simply, this is utter nonsense.

    Add flower food: TRUE

    Food provided with your flowers is the perfect balance of everything your blooms need, so stick with this rather than any of the ‘homemade’ varieties mentioned above.  

    That said, still change your water every couple of days, even if you don’t have any more food packets. Your stems are far better off in crystal clear, fresh water without food, than stale water containing flower food. Give them fresh water every two days, a sparkly clean vase, place them somewhere cool, and watch them flourish. See our care guide for more information

    Add a copper penny: MYTH

    Although copper does have anti-bacteria properties, the copper in coins is not water soluble, so serves no benefit. Plopping a dirty penny in the water could actually have the opposite affect and become a breeding ground for bacteria.

    Change the water regularly: TRUE

    Fresh, clean, cool water is the best gift for your bouquets. New water every two days is the perfect medicine for your gorgeous floral arrangements. Simple and easy. There’s no need to overcomplicate it.

    Bash the stems: MYTH

    Please never do this! Bashing your stems doesn’t help water intake like most people think. It actually damages the stem cells, which in turn prevents their ability to draw in the vital water they need to thrive. Simply cut your stems on a sharp angle to give a larger surface area for maximum water absorption.

    Remove the leaves on the stems: TRUE

    You want to remove any leaves on the stems that will sit below the water line once in the vase, to prevent any naughty bacteria growing. However, leaves do also help water go up the stem, so don’t remove the ones that aren’t sitting in water. These will also add to the design of your bouquet.

    Place flowers in sunlight: MYTH

    Placing flowers in warm environments and direct sunlight speeds up their opening time. Given you want your blooms to last as long as possible once home, keep your flowers in a cool place. The cooler the better.

    That said, if you do want your flowers to flourish in time for an event or dinner party, then yes, do place in sunlight, but only until they’ve opened enough. Then move them to a cooler position.

    Avoid placing flowers near fruit: TRUE

    This is true! Ripening fruit releases tiny amounts of ethylene gas causing your flowers to age prematurely.